Petersen: ‘I am not under investigation’


Former South Africa opener Alviro Petersen has reacted strongly to media reports that he is under investigation as part of the Gulam Bodi match-fixing saga, and says the media should get their facts straight.

Bodi has already been found guilty of being the middle man between players and bookies during last year's Ram Slam T20 tournament, with players like Lonwabo Tsotsobe already confirming they are being investigated.

But Petersen, the latest name to be linked to the probe, responded on Twitter on Friday to say that while he has been in touch with anti-corruption investigators, it's been to help them as he was one of the first players to report being approached.

He berated the media for linking his name incorrectly, writing: "I never shy away from scrutiny, but we must be able to apply the same pressure for integrity from some journalists, that is expected of us!"

He then addressed the matter at hand: "I have seen some media reports about the match fixing scandal and my name was thrown around… herewith some #facts about #Bodigate

"#fact as far as im concerned im under no investigation.

"#fact; i comfirm that i reported the matter to SACA CEO Tony Irish and ACSU Louis Cole 3 days after i was made aware of the fixing scandal.

"#fact; under the Anti Corruption Code, you have to report any knowledge of corruption, and i did that as required by the code.

"#fact; subsequent to me reporting the matter, 2 other players also came forward and reported that they were approached.

"Fact; i was in daily communication with the ACSU after i reported the matter. They knew about my meetings and discussions with others."

Petersen also made the revelation that he'd advised Cricket South Africa to stop the tournament from going ahead, given the influx of players reporting being approached to fix.

He added: #fact; i told the ACSU that all i wanted was for them to stop the fixing in the Ramslam before it happened…"