Plunkett uncertain about Bangladesh tour

England fast bowler Liam Plunkett says he’s not made up his mind about going to Bangladesh at the end of September, and will consult with his family once the current series against Pakistan is over.

The tour to Bangladesh was green lit last week, after a security assessment team went to Dhaka to check the situation out. They deemed the tour safe, and Plunkett says there are dangers anywhere in the world.

He’d still like to think about the trip though, having been there before, and will ask a few more questions before deciding. The players have been told that they can opt out if they’re not comfortable.

Plunkett said: “People are just digesting what went on in the meeting and I will have a bit more of a think once the series is done.

“Maybe I will speak to a few more people but I trust Reg (Dickason, the security expert) and what he says and I will have another look after the series.

“You pick up a paper and there’s trouble everywhere in the world so I don’t know but I’ll speak to my family once the series is done, have a good think, look into it a bit more and come up with a decision.

“I know the environment in Bangladesh and I know what it’s like. I’ve travelled in the sub-continent quite a lot so I’ve got a few more questions to ask and I’ll finalise my judgment and come up with a decision then.”

Last year, Australia cancelled their tour to Bangladesh after threats were made against Western tourists, and they also withdrew their under 19 side from the World Cup in Dhaka.