Pocket Cricket Launches Crowdfunding Campaign


Nrvs Games and Playlogix, creators of the innovative Cricket strategy game Pocket Cricket (www.pocketcricket.net) are proud to announce the launch of a crowdfunding campaign hosted on IndieGoGo.

Three years ago Nrvs Games published the BETA version of Pocket Cricket (www.pocketcricket.net)

Our aim was to give the millions of cricket fans out there a challenging and fun alternative to traditional cricket gaming. While response was overwhelmingly positive, we unfortunately didn’t have the funds to take the next obvious step – a full commercial release delivering all the awesome features our fans were asking for. This campaign’s aim is to raise the funds needed to do just that.

What is pocket Cricket?

Pocket Cricket is a labour of love. It represents several sacrifices gladly made by a bunch of people who were passionate about building a game that effectively captures the nuances of cricket. A game that went beyond simply asking the player to choose where to smash his next six. One that required the player to do something he’d never done before in a cricket game: consider the quality and form of his batsmen and the opposition bowlers.

While it is certainly possible to win a match by simply coming out and risking it all from the first over – throwing your bat at everything and hoping for the best – long-term success is far more realistic if you plan and pace your innings the way the pros do it.

Ultimately, the game rewards a combination of aggression and patience. No match is ever the same and, more than any other cricket game, Pocket Cricket puts the player in scenarios faced by real batsmen.

This was our aim. To create a game that makes our players whoop with joy when they manage to squeeze a last-ball yorker past point for the winning single. To make them laugh in relief when an edged drive eludes the diving slip fielder. To make them holler in grief when a form batsman is caught on the boundary for a 125-ball 98. To make them WORK for a win.

Because we know that while hitting sixes is fun, there’s a lot more to batting than that.

How can you help?

You can help the campaign by donating generously to our cause of building the greatest cricket game ever and by sharing the campaign page with as many people as possible.

We’ve already shown that we have the creative and technical ability to build a truly unique, fun and challenging cricket game. Play Pocket Cricket BETA here.

We have been in constant contact with our loyal fans via a number of online cricket communities and taken all their feedback on the game into consideration when designing the Full Version.

Barring certain extended features, the game will be free to play. Always. This is a guarantee. We will never give any in-game benefit to paying players.

The world needs our game. Cricket is a sport that has never really been replicated in this space and we are on the verge of changing that!

We sincerely look forward to interacting some more with our potential donor-base.