Rahane lauded for self-discipline during trying time


India stand-in skipper Ajinkya Rahane has been credited for directing his own training programmes in the build-up to the tour to Australia.

Rahane struck a match-turning 112 against Australia in Melbourne to get his team back into the series, and his domestic coach has nothing but praise for the diligent batsman.

Stand-in skipper gets credit

India lost the opening match of the series after a spectacular batting collapse, but Rahane held things together in the second as they powered back.

Mumbai coach Pravin Amre said that Rahane had trained his laser-like focus onto the Australians.

“We don’t think about multiple tours at one time. We try to be in that one tour, (take) one tour at a time and try to give best in that basically. And that is what Ajinkya did,” Amre told PTI.

Amre said that Rahane’s self-discipline needed to be commended at a time when players are coming into matches and series looking severely undercooked.

“This year (2020) specially we have to give credit to him (Rahane) because most of the time as coaches we plan the sessions and practise, but this particular, in this difficult time in COVID, he planned his own sessions, worked hard, basically harder than before, because he used to practise two sessions instead of one.

“But those are the things… small small things he worked (on), he visualised this is going to be my preparation for this tough of Australia. And any success can’t come just like (that), we know preparation is important,” said Amre.

Crediting Rahane as a captain

Amre was impressed by Rahane’s captaincy in the Test as well, feeling that he was both studious and bold in his choices.

“That credit (of captaincy) is for Ajinkya only because as a coach we never work on things like captaincy, we work mainly on the batting side of the game. 

“When the opportunity came to lead, it is all his credit. The handling the situation wasn’t easy but credit goes to him because of his calm nature also. He is calm and composed and that is the reason he was successful as captain,” he said.

“The small-small changes (he did), backing youngsters, getting (Ravichandran) Ashwin in first hour and using (Jasprit) Bumrah brilliantly.

“Because this is Test match, we haven’t allowed their tail to wag and we made sure that Bumrah and (other) pace bowlers were fresh to bowl them and we never allowed to drag the match and rather never allowed them to get that partnership.”

India face Australia in the third of four Tests from 7 January at the SCG.