Ramdin resigned to abide by selector’s decision


West Indies keeper, Dinesh Ramdin, admitted that there was nothing he could do about the selector's decision to drop him for the first Test against India later this month.

A number of former players have come out questioning the decision to leave out Ramdin, but the player, who initially responded to the decision with a series of angry tweets, has confessed he has no recourse in this case.

Ramdin spoke to Jamaican radio station Power FM: "I haven't felt any pressure for the last three or four years,

"I felt a bit surprised, but I have no choice but to live by the decision of the higher authority. I don't own cricket, and, well, I have to go back to my game in the regional four day-set up and come again.

"It seems like I'm not a senior player who has done well over the years. But I've been down that road before and come back and done very well, so I think the process is easy."

Ramdin made a brace of half centuries in his last two Test innings and scored a 91 in an ODI against Australia in Bridgetown recently but has apparently been left out due to a low average in Tests.

The keeper explained what chairman of selectors, Courtney Browne, told him: "The chairman called me and he explained to me I would no longer be in the four Test series coming up against India.

"He said over the past five-six years my averages haven't been where they should be as a Test player so they need someone else to fill that position and do well for the West Indies.

"I'm pretty disappointed with it; any player would be disappointed. That was said to me that I have to get back in the four-day regional set up and score runs again."