Renshaw courts Hayden’s advice

Australia opener Matt Renshaw has sough out the advice of former opener Matthew Hayden ahead of the upcoming away Test series against India.

Hayden was hugely successful in India largely due to his ability and willingness to sweep the India spinners, something Renshaw will looke to mimic.

Renshaw spoke to the media in Dubai as Australia gear up for the series: “I’ve had a couple of conversations with him [Hayden] over the phone and he told me to embrace it over there and get as much experience as I can.

“I’m 20 years old and I’m going to one of the hardest places to play in the world, so I’m trying to embrace it and enjoy the challenge.”

Renshaw hopes that his height will give him an advantage when sweeping: “The sweep will be a big one for me and trying to stay slow and use my reach as a tall bloke.

“I’ve got that advantage over some of the other guys.

“I can probably get to the balls which are going to turn a bit better than the short guys without moving my feet too much.

“So I’ll try and use that to my advantage as much as possible.”

The team has been training at the ICC Academy hoping to use the experience to adjust to Asian conditions better than on their last trip to the subcontinent where they were whitewashed by Sri Lanka.

Renshaw added: “The pitches here at the ICC Academy have been great since we arrived.

“There are been some turning wickets and some low ones for the seamers.

“It’s the best preparation for India without going to India.

“I’ve been trying to work on different plans, we’ve got Graeme Hick and Sriram and we’re trying to replicate what will happen over there.”

Renshaw is confident that Australia can learn from the England team’s loss in India and perform better than their old rivals.

He said: “I’ve watched a bit of the England series, trying to work out what their spinners were trying to do, but we probably forget they have quick bowlers as well.

“Reverse swing will come on a fair bit over there.”

The first Test will get underway in Pune on February 23.