Reports: Windies salary strike nearly resolved


While there haven't been any official statements from the West Indies Cricket Board or the players, newspaper reports in the Caribbean suggest the salary strike has been resolved for the most part.

The players abandoned their tour to India last month because they disagreed with the salary deal the WICB made with their Players' Association. Reports say that deal has been put on the back burner, and salaries will continue as before.

WIPA boss Wavell Hinds, who came under fire from the players for brokering the deal, will still be in charge of the process, while a three-man panel has been set up to deal with the BCCI's 42 million dollar compensation demand.

St. Vincent's Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, the mediator at the meeting last week, was quoted in the <i>Trinidad Express</i>: "We are in a far better position than we were before.

"I think that on the basis of the discussions, we have the framework and the modalities for the resolution of the issues and for cricket lovers. I fully expect that the best team will be in South Africa representing us (in December).

"Everybody is going back to their various entities. The 14 players who were in India, they have to talk to their WIPA leadership and their colleagues and (WICB president Dave Cameron) has to speak to his colleagues on the board, but believe us, we made very good progress."

Ralph Thorne QC, the attorney for the players, said there was an agreement that the players who left India would not be punished by being left out of the tour to South Africa, saying in the <i>Sunday Sun</i>: "We will be extremely vigilant with regard to the fair selection process.

"In the same way a number of players have been contacted, the players of the India tour similarly look forward to being immediately contacted regarding their availability for the South Africa tour.

"The proof of the WICB's undertaking against victimisation will be revealed in the communications that we expect to follow this week.

"Every player from the India tour expresses his availability for the South African tour and they pledge a continuing commitment to the success of West Indies cricket.

"They will renew their faith in the process of collective bargaining by resuming their relationship with WIPA."