Retired Edwards reveals shock but relief


Former England captain Charlotte Edwards has spoken about the shock she felt when told she was surplus to requirements after 10 years of leading the team, and 20 years of being the star batsman in the side.

Edwards was sacked as skipper a month ago and retired at the same time, saying she didn't want to confuse the situation by still being around the team and yet not being picked, despite being their leading run-scorer at the World Twenty20.

Edwards has made it clear from the start that the decision was not a happy one for her, and that she was essentially told she had to make way for younger players. But she said in an interview with the Daily Mail that she would still be playing if the other players had scored more runs.

Coach Mark Robinson had told her that younger players were 'hiding' behind her efforts, which she felt was unfair, and that it's not a professional player's job to make way when they're doing well.

Edwards said: "Robbo told me that if the Ashes were next I'd still be playing but they've now got a period of time to develop the younger batters. I kind of understand it but it didn't make it any easier for me to accept at first.

"He felt like the younger players in the team needed to kick on and that they were hiding behind me. It wasn't helping them develop as a group and there’s no question the team haven't progressed as we would have liked in the last couple of years.

"There will be opportunities for them now and I won't get in the way. But my job was to score runs. You don't get out in international cricket to give someone else a go. Leading from the front has always been one of my strengths.

"If the other girls had played a little bit better I'd still be playing now and maybe if we'd won the Ashes last year I'd still be playing too. That’s what makes it difficult. We came so close to turning the Ashes around too.

"I know you can't do it forever and I know there’s always a time to go. Losing the captaincy wasn't really a big problem for me. I didn't massively want to hold on to that.

"But I wanted to play on as a senior player because I was still enjoying it and still contributing. Robbo didn't want me to play for England for the rest of this year so the obvious thing then was to retire.

"There would have been a lot of uncertainty if I hadn't and I don't want to sit there hoping someone else doesn't score runs so I could get back in the team. And I didn't want the players wondering if I would come back if they didn't do well. I just didn't think that was right.

"I don't want to be bitter and angry. Of course I was hurt and disappointed but I've got so much out of this game. My dream was always to retire next summer after the World Cup in England and that’s the one thing that’s hard for me.

"I wanted to feature in that home World Cup but it’s a year away and who knows how I'll feel then. Hopefully I will be very happy in what I'm doing."