Richardson wants cricket in Olympics


International Cricket Council chief executive David Richardson is eager for the International Olympic Committee to include cricket in its Summer Games.

The South African recently met with IOC chief Thomas Bach in Switzerland to discuss the possibility of the Twetny20 format being introduced to the Summer Games in the future.

"We met the IOC president and we have really explored the possibilities, at least we are talking, and we are open to the opportunity if it's worthwhile to include cricket in Olympics," Richardson told the BBC.

"If the ICC is committed then we have to overcome the hurdle of the IOC accepting cricket because there are a lot of other sports that want inclusion in the 2024 Olympics.

"But it's not as simple as that and there are lot of issues that you need to consider and the Olympics might not want cricket, they don't want second rate teams and they don't want Micky Mouse format, they want our major format, the Twenty20."

The short format has already been included in the last two editions of the Asian Games in China and Singapore with great success.