Rohit blasts critics for ‘talented’ label


Rohit Sharma has come out hard and slammed the media for 'unfair and wrong' reporting that he was not making the most of his opportunities in the India Test team.

The 28 year-old Rohit has come in for criticism as he has seemingly not turned his tremendous talent into big runs in the white-clothing for India.

Although he often frustrates with his languid style, Rohit insists that he has got to the highest level through hard work and nothing else.

Rohit told DNA: "This 'talent' talk has messed things up for me. I started my career as a bowler. I was never a batsman. All this natural talent, god's gift that you guys in the media talk and write about is unfair and wrong.

"I have worked on my batting to get here. I used to bat at No. 8. From there, I made my way up. Ask my coach, Mr Dinesh Lad, and he will tell you that I was an offspinner.

"Whatever I have achieved is because of my hard work. All these terms like 'lazy elegance' have been coined by you guys. Maybe on TV it comes across like that, but that's not the right way to judge anyone.

"One must get to the root of the matter. I became a serious batsman during my under-17 days. I broke the middle finger of my right hand during a 50-over match against the visiting Sri Lankans in 2005.

"It was difficult for me to grip the ball after that injury. That's how I became a regular batsman."