Rugby is a well-known sport, worldwide. The sport was named after Rugby School where it was first played. It is believed that the game was invented in 1823. This is when William Webb Ellis caught the ball in the middle of a football game and ran with it all the way to the goal post. During that time the game of football was not as famous as it is now. Did you know that at casino you can bet on your favourite rugby player and stand a chance to win big, try top ten online casinos and see you can’t get lucky and win big

It is amazing how little things like that can become what we are remembered for, for the rest of our lives. Some get remembered for winning real money. The reason why the game of rugby is also known as football is that we can say it is a baby of the actual sport of football. Because William Webb Ellis is said to be the inventor of the sport, every year a winner of the Rugby Union Cup is rewarded with the William Webb Ellis Cup.

Origins of the Rugby Ball

Balls are usually spherical and not oval, right? But what caught our eye was the fact that rugby balls are oval. And you would never imagine how that came about. Back then materials were not easy to find like they are now. But that could not be a problem that would stop them from enjoying this sport, so instead, they used pig bladder to make this ball, always involve rugby games

William Gilbert was a bootmaker at Rugby School. He took the pig’s bladder and inflated it with a clay pipe. Taking one of his leathers he used for making shoes he covered the pig’s bladder. And to ensure that the filling will not come out he put four hand-stitched panels which kept the ball together.

During those days the ball was more plum shaped. But the more times changed, different materials were invented and used. With time Indian rubber was now used as the filling to the tubes that were used. And now the more the oval shape it started to have. The oval shape was and still is useful for players as the ball is easier to handle and hold it whilst running.