Saker: Gayle uproar a ‘bit of a beat-up’


Melbourne Renegades coach David Saker says he will sign West Indies batsman Chris Gayle for next season's Big Bash League if he feels he is the right fit for the team.

Gayle sparked a public outcry in the last season's BBL when he asked Channel Ten broadcaster Mel McLaughlin on a date while being interviewed, and saying 'don't blush baby'.

The big-hitting left-hander was fined $10,000 by the Renegades and his participation in future BBL's was thrown into doubt but Saker feels the issue was a 'bit of a beat-up'.

Cricket Australia have previously said they could block any overseas signing if they feel it is necessary and Saker would go along with that.

Saker told the Age: "I just pick a squad of players. If the hierarchies or people in higher positions than myself come down on that, they do. All I try to do is pick a squad to win.

"We know it was the wrong thing to do and he probably identified that quite quickly. We all did. But I think what happened afterwards was a bit of a beat-up.

"We really want women in sport and I think in Australia we're embracing that quite well. Mel does a fantastic job with what she does. We know it was wrong, but a lot of people put their two bobs-worth in that probably didn't need to."