Sammy: Players have not threatened to strike


West Indies T20I captain Darren Sammy has made it clear that none of the players selected for the World T20, taking place in India in March, has threatened not to play due to the contract issues with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

Caribbean cricket has been thrown into a fresh crisis as the players are not happy with the remuneration offered by the Board for the global tournament.

What is making things worse is that the financial package was negotiated by the West Indies Players Association (WIPA), of which 14 of the 15-member squad for the World T20 are not part of.

Sammy told Cricinfo: "We players are not happy with the remuneration offered by the WICB to participate in the World Twenty20. We have not given any authorisation to WIPA to negotiate on our behalf.

"A large number of players in the squad do not receive any significant remuneration from WICB at all, so we want the opportunity to negotiate fairly the financial terms within the contract.

"In the past 25% of the income received by the WICB for participating in ICC tournaments was distributed to the squad. The remuneration being offered now compared to previous World Cup events is shocking to say the least.

"We are being offered now just $6,900 per match across the board irrespective of experience. Players are being asked to start providing services from nearly four weeks ahead of the World Cup and be guaranteed just $27,600 if they play all the guaranteed matches (which) is a staggering reduction. What happens to a player who does not feature in a match?

"The WICB say they cannot figure out what 25% of the participation fee is as the ICC's formula has changed. Surely they (WICB) must know a figure. What is it? We want the match fees to be doubled.

"I have also written to the WICB asking if they have got a sponsor for the team, and what is the sponsorship revenue. We need answers.

"Under my watch, players never said they would strike or not take part in the World Cup. All we've said is we don't accept the terms given or agreed by an association that doesn't represent us.

"Still they [WIPA] are the ones WICB negotiates with on player issues. But 14 of the 15-member World Cup squad is not part of WIPA.

"West Indies cricket has gone through a lot and it will continue to go through a lot. I don't see things changing anytime soon."