Shaharyar: It’s painful to watch Pakistan


Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Shaharyar Khan has revealed that he found it 'painful' to watch his side's poor performance, and subsequent early exit, at the Asia Cup, and that changes would be made.

Pakistan were knocked out of the event after a loss to Bangladesh, with their batting being of particular concern. Khan said the board would be looking at the team's management after the World Twenty20.

Shaharyar said of the team's woes: "It wasn't just a matter of disappointment but it was a painful experience to watch Pakistan play like that.

"The performance was very poor other then few individuals' performances, but I can assure that accountability is inevitable and whoever is responsible has to answer.

"Changes are important in the electoral process and leadership but we have to sit and think wisely. We are not going to make anyone a scapegoat or do the witch hunt but whatever we will do, it will be done with clarity."

One person who will not face the chop is skipper Shahid Afridi, despite criticisms aimed at his performances and leadership. Khan added that Afridi would have to resign the job himself to leave it.

Khan said: "I understand there is a lot of criticism but I am not going to change anything one week before the major tournament in India.

"Afridi will remain captain unless he himself pulls out of the job. He has been serving Pakistan from the last 15 years.

"There are problems in his captaincy which can't be mended and especially at a time when his career is about to be end.

"Also, we don't want to disregard the longest serving players of Pakistan cricket. So, I am not going to push a panic button and take any decision in haste. This is not my style.

"Some changes you will see will be done before we play our first matches in World T20 and other important changes will be done after the tournament."