Shami loving pink ball’s swing under lights


India fast bowler Mohammed Shami has become a rare advocate for the pink ball, saying he actually preferred it over the red and white versions, after bagging a five-fer in India's Super League final.

It was the first game in India played under lights with the pink ball, between Mohun Bagan and Bhowanipore, and Shami said there were no problems with visibility. He was also delighted with how much it swung.

Shami, who was playing for Mohun Bagan, told PTI: "It's very bright and glows like radium. With red or white balls, there was some visibility problem as it took [on] the colour of grass.

"Definitely I will prefer this ball, this is much better. The biggest plus point is [the swing] under lights, what else does a bowler want?

"There was a bit of moisture in the afternoon, so it helped initially. But then, under lights, there was more movement undoubtedly. It's challenging for both batsmen and bowlers."

The paceman also said that reverse swing could be achieved: "[Yes] the ball retains it colour and shine. But if we can maintain the dryness, I'm sure it will reverse. It did [reverse], I noticed."

Wicketkeeper Wriddiman Saha was also pleased with the outcome, telling the Telegraph: "Every ball is swinging a bit either way, which was never the case with the red Kookaburra. [But] the visibility is perfect.

"Red or white, the ball invariably lost its colour after it became old. But here there's no such difficulty at all. The pink ball has better visibility. But batsmen will have problems if a pacer consistently bowls 140kph."