Shamsi doesn’t want to lose fun factor


South Africa spinner, Tabraiz Shamsi has been criticized by some members of the Australian team for his on-field theatrics but insists that he is just having fun.

Shamsi has highlighted the pressure players are under at international level, and believes it is important that players don't lose their love of the game and the joy cricket can bring.

The left-arm bowler feels there has been an overreaction to his celebrations, and appeals: "The whole thing got blown our of proportion and there's nothing in it really,"

"It's about having fun on the field, just enjoying ourselves.

"As a child when you start playing the game, you play the game because you love it … that's one thing I never want to forget."

Shamsi made his international debut against Australia this week, but his encounters with Australians in the IPL meant that he was in for a hostile reception, Shamsi wouldn't let slip exactly what was said though, laughing: "I think we'll leave that one out."

The tweaker believes the exuberant appeals and over the top celebrations bring out the best in his game: "There's a lot of people scrutinizing you … a lot of pressure … we tend to forget that fun factor,"

The man who featured for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in this year's IPL, believes facing world class opposition has given him confidence ahead of his ODI debut: "It does really give you a bit of an edge … when you play against players like that (in the IPL) it gives you confidence,"

The left-arm chinaman bowler will know that he won't always get the sort of assistance out of the track that he did in Guyana, but believes there will be more turners in this series: "In the Caribbean all the pitches do turn.

"The surfaces are quite friendly towards spinners … anywhere we go in the Caribbean I think spin will definitely play a part."

South Africa will square off against Australia again on June 12, when the tri-series moves to Basseterre in Saint Kitts and Nevis.