Sharma won’t change his natural game


It is abundantly clear that few batsman possess the outrageous talent of India's aggressive middle-order batsman, Rohit Sharma.

Sharma is often criticized for his at-times hyper aggressive approach, which has led to his exclusion from the Test team in the past.

Despite having his critics, the batsman insists he knows his game better than anyone else and will not change the way he plays.

Sharma told "My natural game is to attack and put the pressure back on the bowlers whether I am facing the first ball or the last. I know situations are going to be different, but one thing is for sure that I am not going to change my natural game.

"I am what I am. I understand Test cricket cannot be played like One-Day cricket, but there are examples around the world of cricketers playing in a similar way.

I should do what is best for me and I know what is best for me. Nobody in the world can tell me how to bat or how to not to bat. I have to stick to my game plan, stick to what has got me success since I started playing cricket. There is a certain way to bat in different situations and I am willing to do that."

The batsman is aware that he has his critics but says that he does his best to stay positive and ignore criticism that isn't constructive: See, as long as you’re playing this game, scrutiny is never going to stop and I won’t let these things affect me. I have been in the situation before too. It does not bother me.

"What I should be concentrating on is the current situation. I have to live in the present. What is going to happen, I don’t know.

"What has happened, has happened and you can’t change that either. I am just following the process, which is about being happy and staying in a positive environment.

"Before making my ODI debut, I never thought I would be playing for so many years. I should be happy that I’ve come till here. I am really happy for what God has given me so far. There is plenty in store for me, I just need to be patient and not get frustrated. It is a wonderful world."

Sharma hit an aggressive 41 in India's second innings which helped India move the game forward quickly and ultimately secure a victory on day five.

Sharma reserved special praise for the approach of captain Virat Kohli, as India chase the world number one ranking in Test cricket: "This team has decided to play in a certain way. I know it is not going to be easy to do that.

"Our immediate goal is to be the No.1 Test side in the world and we’re not too far away from that. When MS Dhoni retired, we knew that Virat Kohli was going to be the next captain.

The message was clear from him that we needed to play in a way where we look for results and not draws. There is a way to do that and the guys are sticking to it.

"We have to understand situations when we are playing in a certain way and there are lots of procedures you’ve to follow. We are on our way to becoming No.1, it is not easy and we are working hard.

"We have had a good result in the Caribbean and have won all our last three Tests series. We are moving in the right direction and everything looks settled now. All we need to do is keep getting better as cricketers and as a team. Our target is to get better by 5-10 percent every game."