Siddle also not a fan of the pink ball


Australia fast bowler Peter Siddle is not convinced by the pink ball that will be used in the first ever day-night Test, echoing Adam Voges' sentiments that the ball deteriorates too quickly.

The ball was used in a warm up match against New Zealand in Canberra, where Voges and Siddle were playing for the Prime Minister's XI, and both players, set to play in the Tests, said the ball lost its colour and form far quicker than the red ball.

Voges, who had bated under light to score a half century, said the ball was tough to see once it got a few overs on it, and that it got 'pretty chewed'.

Siddle told Triple M Melbourne: “Exactly what ‘Vogesy’ said, it was just a bit hard to (pick up). The pink started to disappear quite quickly.  

“Obviously the Manuka pitch here is a bit more abrasive than most pitches going around, but that was the most disappointing thing, was the ball sort of changing colour. 

“And it’s a little bit hard to shine. It’s not really like a traditional red ball where you can sort of buff it up and get it nice and shiny – you can’t really do that with this ball. 

“Maybe the conditions here are a bit different – when we go to Melbourne or the Gabba the ball might hold up a bit better and we can get something out of it, but obviously on a Manuka pitch set up for one-day cricket, it’s going to be a lot drier. 

“So it’s probably not the best (way to) judge at this stage.” 

Siddle will play in the first round of the Sheffield Shield, for Victoria, and will be using the pink ball in that game too.

The historica Test will be played in Adelaide from 23 November, and will be the third Test in the series between Australia and the Black Caps.