Siddle determined to regain Test place


Australia fast bowler Peter Siddle is sure he can grab his Test place back from the contingent of young pacemen on the scene, saying he is 'one of the better bowlers in the country' when fit.

Siddle, who has been rocked by injuries a few times over the years, has been out of action with ankle and back problems for a few months, and will also miss the upcoming Tests against Sri Lanka.

But he feels sure that he can regain his place, even if the likes of Josh Hazlewood, Mitchell Marsh, and Mitchell Starc do very well while he's recovering. Siddle has the advantage of experience on his side, he feels.

Siddle told News Ltd: "I know when I'm fully fit that I'm probably going to be getting picked. When I'm at my best, I know I'm one of the better bowlers in the country and that's all I can work at.

"I'm always a confident person. I'm not too worried about what's going on outside.

"I'm old enough now and I've played enough cricket with the experience I have, (to know) the cricket side of things will be all right."

The 31-year-old explained how his most recent injuries came about, in the series against New Zealand in Australia late last year. He ended up converting his ankle injury into a lower back stress fracture too.

He added: "I started to struggle a bit in the second innings. Because I was probably compensating the front foot with the ankle, I hurt my back.

"You never want to be injured, but it's a blessing in a way that I could get both (injuries treated). I could get the left ankle looked at. Every time I banged down it was sore.

"Nothing was showing up (on scans) and so you just keep playing. I knew it wasn't quite right, but you never want to give up an opportunity to play for Australia."