Simmons’ future to be decided in seven days

The West Indies Cricket Board hope to reach a decision on the future of coach Phil Simmons within the next seven days, according to WICB chief executive Michael Muirhead.

Simmons was suspended by the board after he said there had been outside influences in the team selection for West Indies' upcoming tour to Sri Lanka.

According to Muirhead Simmons has not been fired but will have to answer to the Board for "breaches of confidentiality".

Muirhead said: "What has happened with Phil Simmons is most unfortunate, rest assured he has not been fired. Let us say he has been called to answer breaches of confidentiality and bringing the WICB into disrepute.

"He will be given a fair hearing by a panel and a decision will be made within the boundaries of our own HR policy. During the process he will continue to enjoy the full benefits of his full remuneration.

"The mater will be dealt with in an expeditious manner and it is our intention to have a decision within the next seven working days."