Simmons: Write Windies off at your peril


West Indies coach Phil Simmons has warned Australia not to take his team lightly in the upcoming Test series Down Under, saying that his young players could shock the hosts if they're not careful.

The West Indies are ranked eight in Tests, while the Aussies are second, but Simmons feels that despite their upheavals in recent years, the Windies could still pose a real threat.

He said that England took the Windies lightly in May this year, and found themselves drawing a Test series they had expected to win.

Simmons said: "That's the thing with young teams, it is easy for people to do that and write off teams.

"I don't think take any notice of it. It might encourage us to do better and push ourselves.

"It's good when people do that. England did that at their peril."

Simmons also looked back further, to the late 1970s, and said that a young team in Oz was not ideal then, and it isn't now. But that team went on to dominate the 80s and 90s, and he hoped this new crew could do the same.

He added: "It is always going to be a challenge. Coming to Australia with a young team has always been trouble.

"In 1975-76 we had that but you saw where we went from there. Hopefully that is a good omen and we can follow from there."

The first Test will be played in Hobart from 10 December.