Smith surprised by Clarke reprimand


Australia all-rounder Steve Smith has revealed he was surprised to find himself on the receiving end of a reprimand from skipper Michael Clarke while playing against Pakistan, saying he wasn't being overly chatty.

Clarke told Smith to stop his friendly chatter with batsman Azhar Ali, but Smith says he wasn't being nice, but was actually trying to get under the batsman's skin while still wearing an innocent smile.

A baffled Smith said: "I was actually getting into him. So it (the spray from Clarke) wasn't what I expected, but that happens I guess.

"We like to play good, hard, tough, aggressive cricket when we're out in the field. That's the way we like to play, so we'll continue to do that."

As for his batting position, there have been many calls for Smith to bat up the order at three in Tests, but Clarke labelled such a move a 'fantasy' during the Pakistan series, and Smith has accepted that.

He said: "I am happy at the moment wherever I am batting to be honest. That's up to Michael and the coaching staff I guess.

"For me, it's about batting wherever I am told and trying to get as many runs and win games for Australia as I can."

As for the upcoming ODI series against South Africa, Smith said they would be looking to find a definite line up for the World Cup, and that competition for places would be high.

He added: "I think they are trying to get the team that they will be playing in the World Cup and there's not too many games before then.

"There's plenty of work to do and all of the boys are trying to get a spot in the team."