Smith warily optimistic over new DRS rule


Australia captain Steve Smith is pleased about the new Decision Review System change that will help bowlers get more LBWs, but has cautioned that batsmen need to be much more careful.

The old DRS rules for an LBW review was heavily in favour of the batsman when it came to ‘umpire’s call’, but the new ruling has made the margin wider for the ball to hit, so bowlers will get more reviews going their way.

As a skipper who tends to lose reviews, this pleases Smith, but as a batsman he is aware that getting away with an ‘umpire’s call’ decision will be much more difficult now.

He said: “We haven’t been as successful as I would have liked, so it will be nice to get a few right.

“I guess more things will be out now when you get hit on the pad, so as a batter it’s about making sure we use our bats.

“And I guess when we’re bowling if we hit the pads there’s potentially more chance of it being out.

“We’ve just got to keep playing the same way and try and get a few referrals right.”

The new rules have kicked in during the current ODI matches in South Africa, featuring the Aussies and Ireland as well.