SOK looks to win back trust


Australia spinner Steve O’Keefe has said that he is eager to win back the trust he lost with his poor behavior earlier this year.

O’Keefe was hit with a AUS$20k fine after making highly inappropriate comments at the New South Wales end of season awards while inebriated.

It was his second alcohol related infraction within 12 months having been fined $10k for an incident outside of a Sydney nightspot.

O’Keefe, as well as many pundits, thought his career was over after his behavior but Cricket Australia called him up to the squad playing in Bangladesh after an injury to seamer Josh Hazlewood.

The left-arm spinner said of the chance he has been given: “Yeah, I did originally (think my career was done).

“I thought, I felt at the stage when I stuffed up the first time, you’re very lucky you get second chances and I got that.

“And I have faulted again and made some mistakes which I completely regret (and) I’m extremely sorry for.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about the couple of stuff ups I’ve made.

“I regret it and I’m sorry for what happened. I really am.

“I’m thankful that Cricket NSW and Cricket Australia have provided me with supportive structure for me to resolve some issues.

“I think at times, the reason I haven’t spoken about it is because I think my words can be cheap after stuffing up twice.

“The only thing that will show that will be not three months later, but five years later when I’m settled and happy and long after the cricket lights have gone out and I’m respected personally in the community.

“Only time will fix that.”

O’Keefe has been suspended for the entire domestic One Day competition for his conduct but could make his Test return in the second Test against Bangladesh in Chittagong which gets underway on Monday.