Srinath: Bowlers will benefit from long season


Former India paceman Javagal Srinath says the 13 home Tests facing the side in the next few months will give the bowlers a chance to really hone their red ball skills and bond as a unit.

India are currenly hosting New Zealand in the start of a long home season, an unusually long stretch for a team, and Srinath feels this can only be good for the bowlers.

Srinath, who played 67 Tests for India, told Cricinfo: “By the end of these 13 Test matches, you can become a completely transformed bowler.

“Where will you get this opportunity? Normally you get three-four Tests, then a break, then you play ODIs, and T20s have come in now, then another break and you come in for the Test matches.

“The ball is different, the conditions are different, so again you have to come back and bowl and get back into the rhythm.

“Here, every month you have a couple of Test matches which means you don’t have to practice, you just have to bowl well in the Test matches.

“Every ball bowled in a Test match is a well-thought-out ball, you don’t take it lightly. That’s where the learning happens, and you try to understand a batsman in a much better sense.

“You go deeper into a batsman’s mindset, you start thinking… Psychologically you will be far better when you start thinking every ball.

“I think Test matches bring more depth in your own cricket. The body becomes stronger with that much bowling, the right kind of muscles will start developing, so you have to maintain yourself.

“It is about doing the right kind of gym, what kind of work you have done in the off season, all those things do matter. Your mindset should be very positive that this is a great opportunity and I want to make the best of it.

“It’s not about sustaining yourself, its about going for a win every time.

“Adverse conditions are bound to be there. There are wickets which are slower. But the balls that are used in India, they do reverse.

“You get more chances and you are more effective when the ball is older, so I think that’s another skill you need to add on to your bowling.

“Sometimes flat wickets can be a little dampening [for the spirit] but I feel it’s a wonderful opportunity to play 13 Test matches in a season.”