Srinivasan defends ICC’s 10-team plan

2015 World Cup

ICC chief N Srinivasan took the opportunity during the World Cup final, while being interviewed in the commentary box, to defend the ICC's plan to reduce the World Cup to 10 teams in 2019.

The plan to cut four teams out of the next event in the UK has drawn major opposition, not least from the Associate teams like Ireland and Afghanistan, as they will have a tougher time of qualifying. There will only be two places available for smaller sides.

But Srinivasan was defiant, saying the only reason Associate sides were even able to compete at a top level was because of efforts behind the scenes by the ICC, and that they'd have a chance to play in 2019.

Srinivasan said: "If you look at the next World Cup, the top eight will qualify while for the ninth and 10th team, there will be competition between six associates.

"So, the Associates will have a reasonably good chance at playing the World Cup.

"The success of the Associates is actually because of the ICC's development program."

Ireland skipper William Porterfield has been one of the more vocal critics of the plan, saying during the World Cup: "Everyone wants to know what their (ICC) vision for the game is.

"Because if they cut the teams in world competitions, why not just have 10 teams playing cricket and every other country in the world doesn't bother?"