Starc ‘will be okay for the first Test match’


Australia fast bowler Mitchell Starc is set to be fit for the Test series against South Africa in November, with skipper Steve Smith saying the ‘gruesome’ leg injury will be healed by then.

Starc had to have 30 stitches in his shin after going for a catch and falling onto a piece of equipment during training last week.

He needed minor surgery, but didn’t damage anything serious and should be alright for the first Test in Perth.

Smith said on Monday: “It wasn’t nice at all. It was actually probably one of the most gruesome things I have ever seen.

“I guess for Mitch, he’s got no tendon or ligament damage so given everything goes well over the next couple of weeks we’re confident that’ll he be okay for the first Test match.

“It was just one of those things. You go for the ball and almost block everything out.

“As he was catching it a few of us were saying ‘don’t go for it’ but he took the catch and then what happened after that wasn’t great.”

Smith added that Starc was unhappy about the extension brace he’ll have to wear for a few weeks, especially as he was going to have a bit of a holiday anyway, as he’s being rested for the South Africa ODIs.

The skipper added: “He wasn’t overly impressed, but when things like that happen, particularly went he was about to have a bit of a rest and chill out those are the kind of things you don’t want happening.

“He’s going to have some time off his feet now, he’s going to have a proper rest.

“It wasn’t great but I’m sure in a couple of weeks’ time he’ll be okay and back into things.”