Steyn: Not every kid wants to be AB or Virat


South Africa fast bowler Dale Steyn says he fears for the future of fast bowling if the rules don't even out the bat versus ball discrepancy, and worries that aspiring pacemen will be discouraged.

Steyn, speaking to Cricket Monthly, said that being a paceman in this day and age, with big bats and small fields, is a losing game, and that the ICC need to make it a bit more of an even contest.

The Proteas's premier bowler said: "You need people to be able to bowl at 160kph. You need people who take five wickets. You need people who bowl 150kph on day five to keep that inspiration up for future kids.

"I can do that. But we need help from whoever runs world cricket. You need pitches where players are able to take ten wickets.

"You need [bowling] heroes in the game, where kids can say, 'I want to be that guy. I don't just want to be AB de Villiers. I don't just want to be Virat Kohli.' Otherwise, bowling is going to disappear."

As for his own future, Steyn said that people talking about his retirement would have to wait a long while more, as he's not even close to hanging up his spikes if his body will allow it.

Despite his recent injury concerns, the current one a shoulder problem, he said: "My heart is pounding. My mind is fine. My body is unbelievably strong.

"I am 32, but I am still the fittest guy in the team. I want to challenge myself and the people who say fast bowlers generally retire at 33, 34. That is bullshit. I can retire at 38 if I want.

"I watched Brett Lee at 38 or something, bowling 145kph in Big Bash. I remember thinking: this guy can still play international cricket. But whether he wants to put himself through it is a different story. I kind of do."