Stokes will not stand back to Aussie sledging

England allrounder Ben Stokes has made it clear that he will not stand back to Australia if they decide to sledge him in the upcoming Ashes series.

The build up to the series has been dominated by talk about how the teams will conduct themselves on the field after a few unsavoury incidents in the last Ashes series in Australia.

Stokes, who made his debut in the last Ashes, was on the receiving end of some of the Aussie chat but did not hold back himself even though he was new to international cricket.

The 24 year-old Durham player , who has now played 11 Test matches, feels everybody reacts differently to sledging but he only knows one way.

Stokes said: "We've all got our different ways of dealing with it. Some walk away from it but I'm at the other end of the scale. I would look them in the eye and probably say something.

"In a battle you don't want to be the loser. If I get involved I don't want to take a backward step and let them get away with it and say what they want."

The Ashes starts on 8 July with the first Test taking place in Cardiff.