Strauss keen on ECB job but wants details


Former England captain Andrew Strauss has confirmed that he is interested in the vacant ECB managing director job, but would like to know exactly what it entails, and how much freedom he would have.

The ECB find themselves without an MD after Paul Downton was sacked in the wake of a dire World Cup, a poor home winter, and the Kevin Pietersen debacle. The ECB have also replaced their chairman.

Strauss, as well as Alec Steward and Michael Vaughan, are thought to be the top candidates. All are former skippers, with the bosses keen to make sure the new MD has some clout with the players, and first hand recent cricket experience.

Strauss wrote in the Sunday Times: "With more of a focus directly on the England team, the new role does seem more suitable for a recent ex-cricketer than the previous version.

"It is no surprise that the names of Michael Vaughan, Alec Stewart and myself have been thrown around. To anyone who is passionate about cricket in this country, the allure of such a job is undeniable.

"I am certainly interested in any role that might help English cricket move forward. The question, however, is: what exactly is the new job?

"The devil is in the detail and until I know, alongside the other very good candidates, what the exact roles and responsibilities of the new job are, it is impossible to nail my colours to the mast.

"As Downton found out, wanting to help English cricket move forward, and actually being given the time and authority to do so are two very different things."