Strauss: New coach will be given space

The ECB's new Director of cricket Andrew Strauss has insisted that he will allow the new head coach sufficient space to do his job and will not interfere once the new man is appointed.

Since taking on his new role in English cricket, Strauss has already sacked Peter Moores as coach, retained Alastair Cook as Test captain and blocked the return of exiled batsman Kevin Pietersen to the national side.

There would be a genuine fear for any of the coaching candidates that Strauss will always be around when they start their role with England, but Strauss has played down those fears.

The former England captain told the BBC: "The new coach is going to be given the opportunity and space to do his job as he should be. He is not going to be a whipping boy for me or anyone else.

"He has to run the show as he sees fit and have a good close working relationship with the captain. I have got to help him to do what he needs to do. I am there to help and support him and look a bit more strategically and long term in our planning. If we have that situation we can co-exist quite happily.

"I am not going to be one of those guys always knocking on the dressing room door telling him he has to do this and that. It has got to be his show to run. I am going to get out of the way, allow him to do his job and the captain to do the job."