Sutherland demands answers on Asian flops


Cricket Australia chief executive officer, James Sutherland, has been left baffled by the national team's simply woeful performance in Sri Lanka in their most recent Test series.

The 3-0 whitewash Australia suffered at the hands of Sri Lanka now means they have lost nine Tests in Asia in a row.

Most perplexing for the CEO is the fact that Australia have spent more time in Asia than ever before in the last few years, yet the results are worse than they have ever been.

Sutherland said in Melbourne: "If you have a look going back in time over recent years, some of our Test cricketers are playing more in India than they've ever played before,

"They're used to subcontinental conditions through their experiences in the IPL and on other tours representing Australia.

"These are conditions we are more familiar with perhaps than we have been in decades gone by, and it comes back to the ability to adapt. That's something I'll be interested to hear more about.

"It's probably a whole lot of different things. The critical thing is adaptability to conditions and that's what we ought to understand better.

"Clearly conditions here are very different to England, which are very different to what we see on the subcontinent, and to be the best team in the world, to be the No. 1 team, you need to be able to win away, and that's what we're about."

Sutherland conceded that Australia's preparation had been more than adequate and the pitches they had to play on were not surprising in their nature.

Sutherland added: "We're certainly disappointed with the performances of the team in this Sri Lankan series and the review will tell us more but I don't think we can complain in terms of the preparation we had over there in Sri Lanka,

"I don't think there would be any expectation gaps in terms of the facilities and the pitch condition we expected to find over there. I don't think things are clearly broken, but at the same time we need to get better at adapting to conditions.

"In different parts of the country there are pitches prepared for different situations, certainly we've got hybrid pitches that have been developed at the NCC, they're things that we're continuing to progress.

"But it's one thing to have those conditions and facilities, another to provide opportunities for players to do that."

Sutherland was keen to conduct a review of the series, as Australia look to regain their number one ranking and improve performance on the subcontinent: "In time when we come to review the Sri Lanka series we'll take a very keen interest in what the recommendations coming out of that are."