Sutherland: Fans want a shorter WC

2015 World Cup

Cricket Australia chief James Sutherland is of the opinion that the fans are the ones who want a shorter World Cup, which is why the ICC is looking to cut the teams from 14 to 10 at the next event in the UK in 2019.

The plan has caused a huge outcry, especially from Associate sides, who will now have only two places available as opposed to the four they enjoyed in 2015. But Sutherland doesn't think the Associates, like Ireland and the UAE, are missing out.

Sutherland told AAP on Sunday: "I have always personally favoured a tighter World Cup format because, as with night Test cricket, that's what fans want.

"I once thought that might mean limiting the tournament to full ICC members. My view now is that we can do both.

"Run a shorter, tighter World Cup … that keeps the public engaged and excited. But with associates involved, maybe via qualification in a preliminary pre-Cup contest."

Sutherland also felt that limiting the contest to the best Associate sides would see them improve to a level where they could reach the business end of the tournament in the near future.

He added: "It's only a matter of time before one or more associate teams makes it through to the pointy end of a World Cup.

"Which will be great for cricket's continuing development as a world game."