Tahir hails Qadir’s impact on his career


South Africa leg-spinner Imran Tahir has hailed the impact that Abdul Qadir played in his career saying the Pakistan legend gave him advice that he will remember forever.

Tahir, who was born in Pakistan, says as a youngster he wanted to be just as good Qadir, who took more than 200 wickets for Pakistan also bowling leg-spin.

The 36 year-old Tahir has forged a successful career for the Proteas in the ODI and T20 formats and credits the 'genius' of Qadir.

Tahir told Cricinfo: "Abdul Qadir is a genius, a legend, and the best according to me. I always wanted to be like him on the field. I am close to his family and I asked him for tips to improve my bowling and about his experiences.

"He gave me advice which I will never forget. The advice from him really helped me. Obviously, I cannot be like him because he was naturally gifted and I had to work hard on my skills.

"I am a different bowler and if I try to emulate him, I might end up being an average bowler. I believe you should stick to whatever suits you best rather than being someone else and end up being nothing."

A right-arm bowler, Tahir also spoke about his wild celebration everytime he takes a wicket, running for what seems an eternity pumping his chest.

He said: "I think this has always been inside me. The celebration just comes naturally. I don't sit in my room and decide how I'm going to celebrate.

"It is spontaneous and something that cannot be explained. It is just the love I have for the game. It's just the passion."