Tamer Warner looking to control temper


Australia stand-in captain, David Warner, has indicated he will try to find a balance between playing with aggression and staying within the rules of the game as he takes over the reins of the ODI team for the third match against Sri Lanka.

Having had more than his fair share of on-field incidents, Warner has calmed down in recent years but is still an intense competitor.

Warner found himself involved in controversy in the second ODI but walked away having shown great maturity after being given an over the top send off by bowler Thisara Perera.

Warner said at his first press conference as Australia captain: "It’s always a tough one for me to argue, I’m usually front and centre and a culprit,

"I’ve had to tame it down a little after a bit of a good behaviour,

"You do have to be careful and you do have to bite your tongue, and I am still guilty of it here and now.

"I do nudge that line, but not cross it as much as I used to.

"But that’s just what happens, it’s the competitive edge when you’re out there and when sometimes things aren’t going your way you do get a bit of white line fever.

"I personally think from a bowler’s point of view, when that bowling at batters, I do like that kind of aggression.

"If the bowler bowls a few good balls and you, as a batsman play and miss, I love the bowler to just come up to me and say ‘any danger of you hitting the ball?’ or this and that.

"It’s great competitiveness and it’s not going to be physical, it’s just a bit of banter

"But that’s the thing in cricket that we do love.

"We love a bit of competitive edge."

The aggression Warner shows at times has led to many questioning his ability to lead the Australian team as well as his appointment as vice-captain after Michael Clarke's retirement.

Speaking about Steve Smith's hiatus: "I can feel for Steve (Smith) and the amount of cricket he has been playing,

"The stats he has on the board, runs-wise and the world’s best batter and player, I think he deserves a break whether or not it was during the series or before the series.

"It is going to very, very tough with the scheduling these days to play all three forms and every single game possible.

"Players are getting rested here and there.

"Everyone has to adapt, and we’ve got reassure that everyone is human.

"There were times there when I may have been leaning towards having a break and then you have a bit of misfortune by getting injured and that has sort of been my 'freshen-up'."

Warner has spoken of the honour of being given the captaincy, joining famous names like Steve Waugh, Allan Border and Ricky Ponting.

The temporary skipper continued: "It’s a huge honour, I would never have thought in my wildest dreams that I would be standing here and walking out to captain my country,

"I feel honoured and thrilled, and I’m really pumped to get out there and help the guys and lead from the front.

"I think every time I walk on that field I give one hundred per cent and try and get the guys up and going, and that will be no different come this next game."