Taskin hopes to repeat debut effort


Bangladesh fast bowlers Taskin Ahmed made his ODI bow a year ago, against India, becoming the first Tigers bowler to bag a five-fer on ODI debut, and is hoping to take as many wickets this time.

India are in Bangladesh for an ODI series following a Test, but unlike last time, where they fielded a second string side, this time Taskin will face a much tougher team. But he hopes to show he can do the job against anyone.

Taskin said: "The memory from the last India series will work as an inspiration but this is a new start. We have to play much better, but what has happened last year will remain in history.
"India are one of the best teams in the world. Their batting is very good in the sub-continent. Our pace bowlers have to bowl well, there is no choice.

"I think we can do well against them. Our team is stronger, everyone is doing well. If we can continue to be consistent, I hope there will be something good (in this series).

"If you are talking about a special goal, if given the chance, I will try to bowl a spell that helps the team win the game."

Taskin has since played 11 further ODIs, and says he's learning and becoming faster with each game:  "I try to learn from every game. My speed has increased, while I have also bowled in several different match situations.

"It helps me gain experience, and I am learning a lot. I am training for all formats. I am bowling a lot more, working harder. I am trying to prepare myself for Tests.

"I am fitter than before. I hope to play in all formats. I used to bowl 100 deliveries per week even a couple of weeks ago. Now I am bowling around 160 deliveries a week. I am also doing a lot of work in the gym."