Taskin: I didn’t need to change my action


Bangladesh fast bowler Taskin Ahmed is confident of returning to the middle after his action is retested this month, saying he didn't need to change anything drastic after being reported for chucking.

ICC-accredited testing showed that he breached the rules of 15 degrees of elbow flex in March, but he says it was not as serious as it seemed, and is sure he will pass his new test and be ready for the October series against England.

Taskin said on Cricinfo: "I never really needed a major change in my bowling action, because the problem wasn't that big. They found three deliveries faulty out of seven overs.

"It feels good that we have such technologies at home now. The test has given me more confidence. I have spoken to a number of experts who said that my bowling action has improved.

"If I keep going at this rate, I will be ready for the main test soon."

BCB committee member Nasir Ahmed confirmed they had done some preliminary testing in Dhaka, to make sure the ICC test would go in their favour.

He said: "We have taken his footage in a professional way, for the first time since his rehab began. We will analyse the footage of this test and those from his rehab.

"We will see his progress before sending him for the ICC bowling action test.

"We have done the test in 2D camera, but the ICC's test will be in 3D so it will be hard to be 100% sure about his action. But we can judge how much he has improved and whether he has been able to grasp what he was told to work on."

Spinner Arafat Sunny is also expected to have his action retested with a view to getting him back into the side.