Tauqir: We will not be intimidated by their names

2015 World Cup

UAE captain Mohammad Tauqir says they will pay no attention to the superstar status of the India players when they two teams meet each other in a World Cup Pool B match in Perth on Saturday.

If India and the UAE were two football teams in England, the Indians would probably be Manchester City, will all the glamour and star players, and the UAE would be a team in stuck in the lower ranks of the third division, players with part-time jobs just playing for the love of the game.

But in a World Cup, which gets played every four years, it gives a chance to the smaller cricketing nations to share the big stage with the bigger side's.

On paper it looks like a lopsided mis-match, but the UAE will not be intimidated by the India players. They come off two fairly close defeats, against Ireland, in the last over, and Zimbabwe, by four wickets.

UAE skipper Tauqir said: "We know they are big stars but we will take this game like the previous two games. The intensity is going to be the same and we will not be intimidated by their names or their status.

"All the boys are looking forward to this game and everybody wants to do well."