Taylor: Height has nothing to do with ability


England batsman James Taylor is tired of people mentioning his lack of height as a criticism, saying he has shown time and again that being six foot tall isn't required to score big runs.

Taylor was named in the ODI squad to face Sri Lanka in the upcoming series in Asia, after being in great form domestically, and he says comments from people like Kevin Pietersen, who allegedly said he should be a jockey instead, don't affect him.

Taylor said of Pietersen's alleged criticism: "Yes, apparently he did. But it doesn't really bother me at all, I'm sure plenty of people have said things behind my back before and it will happen again.

"It was a few years ago and I haven't spoken to him since and it doesn't really bother me. Plenty of people have slagged me off behind my back and he's just another one of them."

He added of his oft-cited small stature: "Like I say, I've got many doubters out there and it hasn't stopped me performing.

"A big thing that spurs me is proving people wrong, as my size, naturally I'm going to have plenty of doubters and I've proved them wrong over the years and I'll prove more people wrong in the coming months.

"As you've seen over the last six months, I can hit the ball just as far as anybody and as cleanly as most, so definitely in my eyes it's never proved a problem, I can hit the ball harder than a lot of people.

"Height I hope has never been an issue. There's a lot of guys out there that aren't very tall. I can pack a good punch."

After Taylor's initial break into the side, he was dropped and has struggled for a recall, despite averaging over 75 in county cricket for the past two seasons. But he hopes his form for Nottinghamshire will see him cement his place this time.

He added: "It's a massive opportunity, as it is for everybody else in the squad, but 'unlucky' is one word. I've been frustrated to say the least that I haven't had a more consistent shot.

"They've got their reasons and to be fair guys have been doing unbelievably well over the last few years but now I've finally got my opportunity so it's up to me to take it and I plan on doing that in Sri Lanka."