Tendulkar wants India to use ‘standardised’ DRS


India legend Sachin Tendulkar has gone against the statements made by his board, the BCCI, by saying he would like to see the Decision Review System used by India, as long as the ICC standardises the system.

At the moment, India refuse to use DRS in bilateral series, with BCCI boss N Srinivasan calling it a 'faulty' system. Tendulkar would like to see it used by all countries though, as long as everyone uses the same technology.

Tendulkar said: "I don't know right now what BCCI's stance is. From an individual point of view I can definitely say that we can't have bits and pieces in different, different parts of the world.

"One part of the world is using Snickometer. The other part of the world is Hot Spot. Somewhere else we are using something else. It's got to be standardised."

He added that as long as technology was the same across the board, it would negate some of the errors as they would apply to everyone: "Why should we settle for only 50% result? Why not get as close to 100%?

"It is impossible to get 100% right. There will be some errors here and there. It really does not matter if Zimbabwe and Bangladesh are playing or England and Australia are playing.

"An international match is an international match. It is unfair on lesser teams who do not have the full package. We can definitely use technology as long as it is standardised."