The grand unveiling of the King Cricket’s Edge – a fortnightly newsletter


King Cricket’s Edge is a not-at-all serious fortnightly cricket email produced by Alex Bowden and Edward Craig and sponsored by Cricket 365.

The newsletter started out in life as The Wisden Cricketer Newsletter in 2009 and has since been The Cricketer Newsletter, Cricket Badger and Wisden Cricket Weekly.

Now, (drum roll please), we can reveal the all-new pristine roll out of it’s latest incarnation – King Cricket’s Edge.

The duo will bring you everything you need to know from the world of cricket in their own bombastic, humourous and irreverent style, as well as a few things you never knew you needed on top.

Things you can expect to find in King Cricket’s Edge:

  • Quotes from famous cricketers presented completely out of context for supposedly comic effect
  • “Unit Watch” where we monitor players’ now meaningless use of the word “unit”
  • Sightings of Bob Willis on a train or sometimes at a station
  • Some other things


You can sign up to the newsletter delivered fresh into your inbox every fortnight by following this link here.