The Starting XI: Cricketing Instagrammers

In the age of celebrity, everyone (ok, maybe not EVERYone) wants to know what their favourite sports stars get up to away from the field, and cricket fans are no exception.

We trawled the Instagram archives to find some of the more interesting cricketers on the photo app. But to be fair, some are only worth following if you like pictures of their face… (cough-virat-cough)

@KP24 – Follow for pictures of: KP's face, tattoos, cities when viewed from a plane window, T20 leagues, golf, South Africa

@dalesteyn – Follow for pictures of: Surfing, Cape Town, some cricket, his family, his dog, fishing, him pulling faces


Off to the cricket. My grans tee is thug as faaaak!!! #dontmesswiththiscrazygranny

A photo posted by DALE STEYN (@dalesteyn) on

@virat.kohli – Follow for pictures of: His face, his body while at the gym, his face, his dog, his face (for real, check it out)


New hat. New day. And some more shopping. Perfect sunday! ????

A photo posted by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on

@finnysteve – Follow for pictures of cricket gear, training, coffee cups, general minutiae of a player's life


Been waiting for this for ages. I'm sorted for the next few weeks.

A photo posted by Steven Finn (@finnysteve) on

@davidwarner31 – Follow for pictures of: Ivy Mae, team-mates, sitting on the bus, Ivy Mae being cute, his wife, Ivy Mae covered in ice cream (it's pretty cute, not gonna lie)


Mmm mummy this actually tastes very nice. Banana smoothie yummy!! @candywarner1

A photo posted by David Warner (@davidwarner31) on

@fafdup – Follow for pictures of: Wine farms, his wine label, gourmet food, Cape Town

@ellyseperry – Follow for pictures of: Scenery on her travels (she takes some great shots), Matt Toomua, team-mates (both footballing and cricketing)


Exploring with @wellness_city

A photo posted by Ellyse Perry (@ellyseperry) on

@parnyboy_7 – Follow for pictures of: Hats of all types, Parnell in suits, the beach, Parnell wearing snapbacks



A photo posted by ? Wayne Pa7nell ? (@parnyboy_7) on

@jimmyneesham – Follow for pictures of: Things Jimmy finds funny (he's amusing, you'd know that if you follow him on Twitter), some cricket, travel snaps, his dog


I believe someone has gotten a bit big to be a lap dog… #thinksshesachihuahua

A photo posted by Jimmy Neesham (@jimmyneesham) on

@chrisgayle333 – Follow for pictures of: Gayle without a shirt on, …um… some behind the scenes of cricket life


Thanks for the 2 boards gave 1 to @tombeaton12 and he's loving it. DJ Bravo need 1 as well ??. Cheers

A photo posted by Chris Gayle (@chrisgayle333) on

@gmaxi_32 – Follow for pictures of: Cricket grounds, Maxi and team-mates, travel snaps, golf


@aaronfinch5 and myself about to get our Mo's trimmed! #movember

A photo posted by Glenn Maxwell (@gmaxi_32) on