Tigers disagree with Australia’s decision

The Bangladesh Cricket Board have not reacted well to Australia's postponement of this month's Test series, saying they don't agree with the security assessment and feel Bangladesh is safe for cricket.

Cricket Australia called off the tour on Thursday after their government, and those of the UK and the USA, issued warning to expats saying it was not safe for westerners, and that there had been a 'viable threat' against them.

Despite meeting with the BCB and trying to secure the trip, Australia opted for safety first and sent their players back to their State sides. The BCB felt they'd have been able to keep the players safe.

The statement read: "The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is disappointed at the decision of Cricket Australia (CA) to postpone the Test series in Bangladesh on ‘security’ grounds.

"The BCB does not agree with the view that Bangladesh is at the moment unsafe for hosting the series against Australia.

"On the contrary, the Board is of the opinion that Bangladesh at present offers one of the safest environments for holding international sporting events including cricket.

"The Board is committed to rescheduling the series at a later date and will continue to work closely with CA to that end."