Tigers wary of agreeing to day-night Test

The Bangladesh Cricket Board is wary about agreeing to a day-night Test against England later this year, saying their players do not have any experience in the new 'format' and the matter will need to be fully investigated.

The ECB have asked that one of the Test on their tour to Bangladesh in October be played under lights, and while neither team has played such a Test yet, the Tigers are more concerned than their leonine counterparts.

Nizamuddin Chowdhury, the chief executive of the Bangladesh Cricket Board, told Cricinfo: "We have taken the ECB's proposal of the day-night Test very seriously but we also have to consider our players' experience of playing under lights.

"There hasn't been any further discussion on this matter recently. We will have to make sure we give the players enough time to get used to playing this format under lights before we can take a decision."

South Africa have also resisted the idea when they go to Australia at the end of the year, because of feeling disadvantaged against an Australian side that won the only day-night Test to date.