Tikolo: Kenya players must take responsibility


Former Kenya batsman Steve Tikolo has urged the country's players and administrators to work together to get the team back to the top section of world cricket, saying they need more reasons to celebrate.

Tikolo is Kenya's coach, and they recently advanced to the World Twenty20 qualifiers, and Tikolo would rather focus on their success than their failures. He asked the players to take responsibility for their on-field efforts.

Tikolo said: "Players must realise the onus and responsibility is upon them to make us qualify because they are the ones who cross the boundary line onto the field of play. There has to be passion and pride above anything else.

"Qualifying will be a plus for our cricket as International associations and teams will start looking at Kenya in a different way. For now, Kenya has been neglected because of poor performance.

"As a national team, we need help from everyone. In the recent past, there has been cases of people trying to frustrate the team’s cause because they are not in good personal terms with the coach/coaches.

"As far as I am concerned, we need to look at the bigger picture than being petty. Let us pull in one direction and support this team. When we win, we all celebrate, when we lose, we are all miserable. I personally prefer the celebrating part."