Top 13 silliest cricket stories of the year

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Here are 13 silly-yet-stupidly-popular stories of the year, making us question why we even bother writing analytical pieces and proper match reports. But what would life be without news of Shane Warne's love life?

Every few weeks a story will break and become a media sensation, leaving us humble scribes wondering how on earth it became news in the first place. The thought of 'Do I really have to write this story?' pops up, and alas, the answer is usually (but not always) yes.

Here are 13 of those silly-yet-stupidly-popular stories of the year, making us question why we even bother writing analytical pieces and proper match reports. But what would life be without news of Shane Warne's love life?

<b>1) Drunk on a plane</b><br><b>We Wrote</b>: <i>"The player was apparently trying to go to the toilet and reached for the cabin door by mistake, and no harm was done, though that wouldn't have been possible anyway as one cannot open the pressurised door mid-flight."</i>

Ramith Rambukwella was part of the Sri Lanka A-side at the time, on a flight from St Lucia in the West Indies to London Gatwick, when he overindulged on the British Airways beverages and mistook one door for another. He was fined 50 percent of his match fee and given a stern warning by the SLC.

<b>2) Cutie pie Rooty</b><br><b>We Wrote</b>: <i>We didn't. It was too ridiculous.</i>

One of the top stories, according to News Now search engines, ahead of the third Ashes Test in Perth was the headline: "Johnson: Root has a cute smile". OF COURSE we clicked on it. Could Steve Davies have an ally?!

Obviously not. The sensational headline was actually about Mitchell Johnson talking about how it amused him that Joe Root never did anything but smile calmly at him during some fiery spells filled with 'banter'. Meh.

<b>3) Movie star Steyn</b><br><b>We wrote</b>: <i>"Steyn will, not surprisingly, play himself, a South African cricketer who helps Sandler's character's son. The film is called Family Moon, and also features NBA legend Shaquille O'Neil."</i>

South Africa fast bowler Dale Steyn spent some of his free time this year in Los Angeles, filming a small cameo role in Adam 'Happy Gilmore' Sandler's new film. The story on our site was one of the highest-hit of the year.

<b>4) BCCI and the Scheduling Insult</b><br><b>We Wrote</b>: <i>"A fixture list featuring three Tests, seven ODIs and two T20s was announced by Cricket South Africa months ago, and the BCCI immediately took umbrage, saying they had not been consulted and had not confirmed those dates."</i>

This debacle was not so much silly as incredibly annoying. Once the news broke that the BCCI had objected to the fixture list announced by CSA, the India spokespeople took every chance to blame the South Africans. It was a case of hurt egos and Tendulkar-related machinations, and by the end we were like, 'Ok, we get it! You didn't approve the fixtures!' And in the end we sat with a two-Test series not worthy of either nation.

<b>5) Monty v The Bouncers</b><br><b>We Wrote</b>: <i>"Panesar was asked to leave the Shoosh Club after a group of women complained he was hassling them. He later, allegedly, relieved himself on the bouncers – from the promenade above the club. Local police subsequently, fined the 31-year-old 150 pounds."</i>

England spinner Monty Panesar's woes only got worse after this 'peeing on the bouncers' incident, when his wife filed for divorce. Whether the incidents are related, we don't know. Panesar made a good recovery though, to be included in the Ashes squad to Australia after being dropped in England.

<b>6) Peeing on a Pitch</b><br><b>We Wrote</b>: <i>"Spinner Graeme Swann has all but confirmed some of the England players urinated on the pitch, shortly after Sunday's drawn fifth Ashes Test – and three-nil series result at The Oval in London."</i>

Speaking of urination, England's players got into big trouble for relieving themselves on the pitch at The Oval, sometime after midnight, with the Australian journalists still at the ground taking great delight in breaking the news. The team later apologised.

<b>7) The Arm Guard of Doom</b><br><b>We wrote</b>: <i>"Rogers' brown, frayed arm protector drew quite a bit of interest during the Ashes, even resulting in its own parody twitter account. It seemed to be a lucky piece of kit, as Rogers made his maiden ton and two other fifties in the series."</i>

Australia opener Chris Rogers wore a rather tatty arm guard during the Ashes in England, and this attracted much attention from fans and pundits. Was it lucky? Did it have sentimental value? No to both. Story over.

<b>8) The Warner Brothers' Comedy</b><br><b>We Wrote</b>: <i>"Warner brother Steven, no stranger to getting his brother into hot water via Twitter, was unsympathetic about Trott's situation when the news broke, tweeting: 'BAHAHAHAHA LOL@Trott!'"</i>

David Warner and his brother Steve made waves a few times this year, both on Twitter and in front of the media microphones, and foot-in-mouth disease appeared to be a family condition.

Steve's most famous moment came when he blasted Shane Watson for reviewing an LBW decision, calling him a 'selfish pretender', and then said sacked coach Mickey Arthur was an 'Escape goat' for the problems in the Aussie side.

He later added to his infamy but laughing at England batsman Jonathan Trott's stress-related illness and departure from the Ashes tour, though he did apologise later, saying he hadn't realised the gravity of the situation.

This put the focus back on his brother, who had earlier been in trouble for calling Trott 'weak' and 'scared', prior to Trott leaving the tour. Warner had also been in the bad books for missing a domestic fixture, and for getting into a scuffle with SA wicketkeeper Thami Tsolekile during an A-sides game.

<b>9) Campese's Big Mouth</b><br><b>We wrote</b>: <i>"Walters, a former Oz batsman and Campese, a legendary rugby player, both criticised Ahmed's request not to wear beer sponsor VB's logo on his shirt. Cricket Australia were accepting of Fawad's religious request, but the Campese went so far as to tell Ahmed to 'go home'."</i>

The fact that this even became a story was baffling. Australia spinner Fawad Ahmed, a former Pakistani refugee, asked not to wear a beer logo on his shirt, and Cricket Australia said, 'No worries, mate.' How it was any of former rugby player David Campese's business was unclear.

The practice of Muslim players not wearing alcohol logos was not a new one, with South Africa batsman Hashim Amla and spinner Imran Tahir not wearing the Castle logo, without any issues, for years. To CA's credit, they blasted Campese, who soon had to backpedal and apologise.

<b>10) Warney and Liz 2getha 4 eva?</b><br><b>We Wrote</b>: <i>We didn't It was too tabloidy. We were in the minority though, it was huge 'news'.</i>

Former Australia spinner and current waxwork/pundit Shane Warne and former Hugh Grant leading lady Liz Hurley conducted their relationship via Twitter, it seemed. But suddenly, the lack of cutesie messages caused alarm.

Speculation posited that the reduction in 140-character love notes meant