Upcoming Tours: International Cricket Previews


As we look towards the final quarter of 2016, there are some big tours upcoming and plenty of quality international cricket to enjoy. In this article we’ll pick out the best tours being held from October onwards.

There is a lot to look forward to, and with some cricket tips, previews and more, we hope to make things just that little bit more interesting for you.

India (New Zealand)

As this article is written, New Zealand are in India preparing for the first day of their second test. This first day continues until the 4th of October, with all games played between India and New Zealand at Kolkata. The second day will be played in Indore, and then they will play an ODI series in Mohali, Ranchi and then in Visakhapatnam.

This should be an interesting affair considering that one of these sides underperformed during the recent World Cup and the other one pulled off some surprise results. Indian cricket is one of the best in the world, but the national side doesn’t always perform how we expect them to and how they should do. New Zealand, on the other hand, are finally making a big impact on this game and are set to become one of the best teams in the world. As things stand, you wouldn’t rate them higher than the likes of India, West Indies, Australia or even Pakistan, but that could change very soon.

This will be a close and interesting Test, but it’s also one that you would expect India to sweep.

Pakistan vs West Indies

World Cup winners West Indies will play Pakistan in a test series that has already begun but will continue for a couple of months, running into 2017. This is a big series and one that should prove to be close all of the way. The West Indies are set to wave goodbye to some of their World Cup stars and will have some adapting to do once that happens. They have a talented squad, but it’s fair to say that without those stars, they wouldn’t have claimed glory in India.

This tour will help them to adapt. Pakistan is a solid team with threats in every area, and they should give the champions a good run for their money. Still, West Indies should have the edge over the long run.

Bangladesh (England)

It’s fair to say that England threw it all away during the World Cup. It just goes to show you that cricket is a game that needs to be played from the first ball to the last. They were well ahead, and then they lost it on a single over. There was a lot of disarray in the England camp, but putting that loss to one side, they played very well and can take a lot from that game.

They look set to take a similar squad to Bangladesh for their October tour, but there should be a few extra inclusions and a few omissions as well. This test should be England's from the start to the finish and it would be a big shock if Bangladesh were able to win, or if they were able to stop an England sweep.

The games will begin on October 7th and will be played in Dhaka.

South African (Australia)

In October Australia will begin a tour in South Africa as these two teams look to put aside World Cup disappointment to play across many different SA grounds. This series follows on from a recent New Zealand tour of South Africa, which finished on the 27th of August and culminated with a sizable win for the home team. The first match of this series has already been played, as it began on September 30 in Centurion. The final match will be played on October 12th at Cape Town.

In November this ODI series will be followed by a South Africa/Australia test series, which will begin on the 3rd of November and will run through until the 24th. All of these test games will be played in Australia.

India (England)

Towards the end of the year, England will leave their tour in Bangladesh and move over to India, taking New Zealand’s place. As intriguing as those two previous tours should be, this one should be even better. India and England have a rivalry that runs deep and that, combined with the talent on show, should make this very interesting indeed.

There will be 5 tests played in total, beginning in November and running through until December. This will then be followed by 6 ODIs and 3 T20s, all of which will run through until March 2017