Vaughan senses repeat of 2005 Ashes


Former England captain Michael Vaughan is optimistic ahead of the Ashes in the UK in two months' time, saying he sees similarities between this team and the one that won the Ashes against expectation in 2005.

Back then, England had not won the Ashes in 16 years, and the Aussies were the clear favourite while England were recovering from dire form. As is the case this time, and Vaughan was buoyed by their win against New Zealand at Lord's.

Vaughan wrote in the Telegraph: "I see the echoes of 2005 in this England team and the summer we could be about to enjoy.

"It could be the summer of 2005 again. The Aussies are back playing the kind of cricket they played in 2005 and England have got a chance to try and produce a similar brand of cricket to match them.

"The way England’s bowlers worked together at Lord’s was very impressive and crucial to England beating Australia.

"Before Lord’s I thought England had no chance in the Ashes. However, if they can build on that performance then they could create something special this summer, but only if they continue to take risks and play intensive cricket."

He did warn that one win didn't mean the corner had been turned, as recent disappointment in the West Indies showed: "We have had false dawns before.

"We all got excited after the win in Grenada but I remember flying home after that Test thinking that we had to be careful not to get carried away because it was a magical spell from (James) Anderson that won the game.

"But if you look at the performance at Lord’s it had everything. I was buzzing. The bonus came at the end when they won, but it was the manner in which they played that was more important."