Vijay: ‘If it’s not in my range, I will leave it’


India opener Murali Vijay says he is comfortable leaving the ball, unlike so many, because he has confidence in his judgement, and trains hard to make sure he knows when to play and when to shoulder arms.

Vijay, who is recovering from a hamstring injury and hopes to be fir for the South Africa Tests, admits he could be a more aggressive and play every ball, but feels his current for has validated his more cautious approach.

Vijay told Cricinfo: "Every time I walk in to bat, I want to play as many balls as possible, but if it is not in my range, I will leave it.

"My intention is to play, but maybe I'm a little more cautious about my off stump. Maybe I could play a little more freely. If I can get 100 off 100 balls, I'm going to take it any day. I am just waiting for that moment to come.

"It's very difficult, but that's what you are practising for. You practise batting for two or three hours in a day, and if you don't believe in that then you are never going to perform, so you obviously have to let your mind and body take over in the middle rather than thinking too much ahead of it."

Vijay is not part of the limited-overs squads to face the Proteas, but this time it's due to injury and not due to poor form. There was a time when he was on the fringe though, including at the World Cup.

He added: "You've just got to take it in your stride but move forward in a positive way. That's all you can do as a person, because everybody is going to face problems in their lives. Life is much bigger, sport is just a phase of it.

"Obviously I was disappointed not to be part of the World Cup. I knew I needed to get answers for that in my head first than searching it outside. My simple thing is, if you are good enough, you'll play.

"I didn't find any desperation to go and ask someone. If you are good enough and if you are practising well, and if you think you are good enough to express yourself in the middle, it's more than enough."

As for the Proteas, they will play four Tests in India, and Vijay is looking forward to it. He hopes to be back to top form when the time comes, and is working hard behind the scenes on all aspects of his game.

He continued: "I'm pretty excited. The only one thing I'm concentrating on at the moment is my fitness. I'm on the right track and happy about it.

"But I am not thinking too far ahead because there's a month and a half to go for the Test series. All I am trying to do is work on my batting basics, my fitness and my fielding aspect of where I am going to stand."