Virtual Cricket Tournament 2020: Latest Updates from Day 1


It has been an eventful first day in the Virtual Cricket Tournament 2020. The tournament is being played in a round-robin format with five rounds of play. Each round will consist of three games between six simulated teams. These teams are Australia, New Zealand, England, India, Pakistan and South Africa. Here are the latest virtual cricket scores.

Australia (AUS) vs England (ENG)

In the first match of the day, Australia managed to defeat England by eight runs. The top performer of their team is Daniel Warner who had 32 runs in the game. England put up a good fight with some great bowling from Michael Wood but it was not enough to take home the victory because they only had two batters who were on the level of Australia’s lineup. 

India (IND) vs New Zealand (NZ)

This was a close match compared to the first match of the day. India managed to come away with the win by seven wickets. This was a close game in the batting department with both teams having three players score double-digit runs. It came to the end when Virat Kohli and KL Rajul managed to get some runs.

Most people expected India to win but they did not expect New Zealand to put up a great fight like that. With the calibre of the players in India, it seemed like an easy game from them but team captain Kane Williamson and Callum Munro were not giving up that easy.

Pakistan (PAK) vs South Africa (SA) 

This was one of the closest matches of the day with Pakistan eking out a win by four runs. Pakistan managed to buck a great performance from South Africa team captain Fabian du Plessis who managed to score 28 runs in the game but he had limited help with only Quincy de Kock as the only player who managed to put up double-digit runs. 

On the other side, Pakistan had a great distribution of responsibilities. Baba Azem, Fakhar Zakir and Shoaib Malek all had double-digit runs which were important to their win.

Australia (AUS) vs India (IND) 

In what is the most anticipated match of the day, Australia defeated their rivals India by 10 wickets. Daniel Warner was the star of the match managing to score 23 runs in the game alongside his captain Armand Finch who pitched in with nine of his own. Andy Zampa was the top bowler in the game.

England (ENG) vs South Africa (SA)

South Africa suffered their second loss of the day with their loss to England by seven wickets. Quincy de Kock played well again with 22 runs in the game. England had a great team-wide effort with Jackson Bairstow leading the way with 14 runs. 

New Zealand (NZ) vs Pakistan (PAK)

The last match of the day was a treat. New Zealand managed to come away with the victory with a superstar performance from captain Kane Williamson who managed to get 30 runs in the game. On the other team, Baba Azem had a similar performance, managing to get 32 runs. Fakhar Zakir had a good match as well but it was a two-man team for almost the whole game.